Monday, March 17, 2008

there is only now

devil in the details ~ bright eyes

"and i know the cause,
and i want to stop,
but i can’t do it,
i just can’t do it.

there was love i meant,
there were accidents,
so tell me which is which.

‘cos i just can’t work it out.
but for memory and clarity,
we had better write it down.

i have no way,
of knowing the truth,
with time dissolves.

i put the past into the ground,
i saw the future as a cloud,
if theres still time to turn around,
i'm going to."

there are characters that come to play, they write themselves, sneak into your consciousness and flow out of the tip of your pen. the ink stains your fingers, like blood, like memory, like a name that whispers in the stillness of night. the reader may render the shape familiar, but they are just composites of the whole, of everyone we know.

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