Thursday, March 20, 2008

how do you deal with a story like this?

"you’ve changed,
so have i,
but anyway,
i tried to stay and now i wonder why

you’ve changed,
and so have i.

our independent ways of life just never seemed to apply.
and from now on, we carry on,
but remember this:
we’re writing our names in the lifes of the ones we miss."

back when i worked at tower records, the first stint, i discovered bettie serveert. it was alan who introduced them to me. he was wearing their t-shirt, the night before he'd been to one of their gigs, and he was literally glowing from it. he always had the kind of musical taste that i admired. introducing me to more bands than i'd ever be able to list, and is credited to some of my big music love affairs.

sometimes i forget about this band, but recently i received a musical package of love from my friend victoria, which included a bettie serveert cd. this song was not on it, but it re-opened my love for them, and for carol van dijk's voice. i stumbled upon this song today and have hit repeat about thirty times - a sure sign of a fucking amazing song.

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