Wednesday, March 19, 2008

when i kiss the angel


last night jules and i watched the film foxfire, which i had not seen since it's release, in 1996. there were things i'd forgotten about it, and details i'd not noticed before. i forgot (or really, would not have noticed back then) that "red" (rita) was played by jenny lewis. i'd also forgotten how much i loved the inclusion of kristin hersh's song, me and my charms (definitely on my list of all-time favorite songs).

"you can come back when you want to,
just know that i'll be here.
i haven't left this step,
and when the lights go out,
i pick the angel up;
i only have two hands..."

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muruch said...

I forgot Jenny Lewis was in Foxfire, too! Wow, I always remember her in Wizards though. :)