Sunday, March 16, 2008

rather be home with no-one when i can't get down with you

"wake up in the morning with a head like what you done,
this used to be the life,
but i don't need another one.
good luck cuttin' nothin',
carrying on,
you wear them gowns.
so, how come i feel so lonely when you're up getting down?
so i play along when i hear that favourite song,
i'm gonna be the one who gets it right.
you better know when you're swingin' round the room,
look's like magic's soley yours tonight."

sunday nights used to be filled with getting ready, sharing the bathroom mirror, trading clothes, music blaring and spirits high. the drive there was filled with more music, and a few stops on the way to pick up friends, and often a bottle or two of something (often strawberry boones). we never stood in line, usually had a space held for us to park in, and most nights it was truly a place where everyone knew our name. and the dancing, fucking hell, the dancing. as i sit here tonight trying to edit a presentation for a client meeting all i can think of is that i'd rather be rushing about getting ready for 1970.

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Kate said...

tee hee could go on and on..but words fail. I love you.