Friday, April 25, 2008

all the songs that say life's worth the worry and the pain

dilly boys ~ the libertines
dilly boys ~ peter doherty
dilly boys (live at the rhythm factory) ~ peter doherty

"she's my moral guide,
but she does nothing at all;
smokes all of my bones and stares at the wall,

maybe she'll pace the room,
howl at the moon."

i've lost my voice, and lost too much sleep this week. i used to not mind my battles with insomnia, often looked at it as opportunity to put more into a day, or at least as a quiet time to write. but lately, it is taking its toll on me. sleep is necessary, and i sometimes miss the dreams i have (had) that help fuel my writing. worry and stress, and moments of self-doubt, are not the best bedtime companions, are they?

so, my wish for today? howls at the moon to sing a fine goodnight, and then long and lazy sleep.

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