Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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For Immediate Release
April 1, 2008

Vagabondage: Traveling about without any clear destination.

Vagabondage Press is pleased to announce that our new online literary magazine, The Battered Suitcase, is now open for submissions.

Vagabondage Press has been established to promote the publication of intelligent, imaginative and experimental fiction. Our goal is to offer an open forum for writers and artists that allows them the freedom to take risks, to offer unusual viewpoints and unique perspectives.

The Battered Suitcase is the flagship publication of Vagabondage Press and is an online literary magazine aimed at new directions in the exploration of art and literature. It is published online on the first calendar day of the month.

We would like to invite you to grab your own suitcase, take to your own road leading off to any and all unnamed destinations, and to capture it. We are interested in the best of your stories and artwork, and are searching for writers and artists who defy expectations and take risks. You're invited to share your stories from the Journey.

Come take a look at what we are all about and feel free to contact us with questions.

Vagabondage Press


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