Saturday, April 5, 2008

hey moon, please forget to fall down

"if all our life is but a dream,
fantastic posing greed,
then we should feed our jewelry to the sea;
for diamonds do appear to be,
just like broken glass to me.

and then she said she can't believe,
genius only comes along,
in storms of fabled foreign tongues;
tripping eyes,
and flooded lungs.
northern downpour sends its love.

hey moon, please forget to fall down;
hey moon, don't you go down.

sugarcane in the easy mornin',
my one and lonely.

the ink is running toward the page,
it's chasin' off the days;
look back at boat feet,
and that winding knee.
i missed your skin when you were east,
you clicked your heels,
and wished for me.

through playful lips made of yearn,
that fragile capricorn,
unraveled words like moths upon old scarves;
i know the world's a broken bone,
but melt your headaches,
call it home.

hey moon, please forget to fall down,
hey moon, don't you go down."

reading david copperfield with coffee in my hand, and you tell me that i shouldn't drink so late. i remind you that it's early, that it is nearly morning, and turn the page. but the moon is still hanging, dangling, keeping the night company.

just one more page then i'll let my eyes close.

(damn it darling, when did my taste in music let in a few emo notes?
but the lyrics, isn't it always the lyrics with me?)


Rebecca said...

That new Panic album does ridiculous things to me; I love it.

There's a few bits of my Panic fic over at, if you're interested :)

redhairedgirl said...

I drank coffee up until bedtime last night. Another thing we share :)