Sunday, April 27, 2008

a frightening magic i cling to

you're all i have ~ snow patrol

"you're cinematic razor sharp,
a welcome arrow through the heart,
under your skin feels like home,
electric shocks on aching bones.

give me a chance to hold on,
give me a chance to hold on,
give me a chance to hold on,
just give me something to hold onto."

dreams of crooked tooth smiles and music blaring through car stereo speakers. a borrowed car, a dusty blue station wagon like we had when i was a child. we are speeding through the desert, wind kicking up smoke spirals and waves of heat around us. you tell me that you've never seen such beauty, and i laugh because this landscape always seemed so desolate to me. i prefer the presence of water and shade, green everywhere and the feel of rain on my skin. but, for a moment i see it the way you do, and take your hand into mine, threading our fingers together. the best you can ask for is connection, is for someone who can teach you to see things from different angles, and for someone to not mind so much when you play the music, feel the music, live the music, and sing along.

give me a chance to hold on.

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