Monday, April 28, 2008

what a life on mars

thanks to michelle for recording this...

"why should i wait until tomorrow?
i've already been,
i've already seen
all the sorrow that's in store.

but if i beg steal or borrow,
just to hold on tighter,
to all the sorrow,
tries to chaw.

if I change my tune,
maybe well i won't be bound to doom."

it's weird now to think that i was almost there for the LMHR, that i came just this close to buying a ticket to london, for the end of april. of course, i meant to be there for the RAH show, but i had plans to be at the carnival, too. huzzah to drew for his convictions in standing up for causes that matter to him. i know this one in particular is a big one for him, and for peter. it would have been keen to see babyshambles play there. it really would have been. i'm sure they wish they had played, too.

maybe next year...

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