Sunday, April 6, 2008

this dizzy life

"i got a pair of wings for my birthday, baby,
and i will fall down through the sun to see you mine.
this dizzy life of mine,
keeps hanging me up all the time;
this dizzy life is just a hanging tree."

i think today i'd rather be spun around in circles, hands thrown wildly in the air, then spend all this time indoors crunching numbers. i feel like being five today.


aerolls said...

You always have the best photographs and artwork attached to yr posts. You have that artistic eye that captures the theme of the song you select. Something I've always been amazed and impressed with. You have this way of bringing out the song with a picture. Kind of like making a still portrait of a song lyric. very difficult to do. I have trouble with this all the time. I sometimes find myself thinking aloud, where does she find these awesome pictures?

lucy said...

thank you.

i see music in my head, always have. used to construct videos for the songs i'd spin in my bedroom, or blast in my car when i first drove. this is an evolution of that, i suppose. i have some favorite sites, favorite artists, and love the search feature at flickr. i tend to search by chosen lyrics, and sometimes i just stumble on something that says "hey luce, use me."

p said...

hey luce, use me.


lucy said...