Thursday, April 3, 2008

i'd walk through hell for you

"and i'd stand there,
like a soldier,
with my foot upon his chest,
with my grin spread,
and my arms out,
in my bloodstained sunday's best,
and you'd hold me;
i'd remind you who you are."

far more emo then my taste usually veers, but something about this song just hit me this morning. this used to be a favorite of julia's, though i think her taste has turned a corner away from this style. perhaps it is the way i've always loved re-told fairy tales. the old gothic notions of romance and valor, taken and turned about until it is something relatable to now.

or, maybe i'm just having an emo-day. excuse me while i cut my fringe, long enough to fall into my eyes, tilt my hip, cross my arms around my chest like a hug, and long for you.

1 comment:

P said...

in the trenches, ever always.
the song is "emo" but the lyrics, yeah.