Thursday, April 24, 2008

there's a pull to the flow

"peek in...
into the peer in;
i'm not really like this...

i'm probably plightless,
i cup the window.
i'm crippled and slow,
for the agony
i'd rather know.

'cause blinded,
i am blindsided.

would you really rush out for me now?"

wearing pigtails and a pinned on grasp at hope. somedays i feel as if the puzzle pieces of life are fitting into place, as if i could squint my eyes and lean a little in one direction (or the other) and suss out where the paths lead. but then i end up in that spin of self-doubt, second guessing is a dire thing sometimes, and tends to upend any "following your bliss". my eyes are half-blindfolded, and half stuck in a dream - perhaps sleeping, for once, would help clear up the haze. or maybe, just maybe, this is really what seeing myself feels like.

today's scrawled wish: to sit by the water, not particular to the location (though i have a few in mind), and learn to be comfortale in shared silence.

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