Monday, April 7, 2008

a common trope

because i do not only quote "famous" words, and because this rang true to me today:

"I simply don’t know if I believe in the idea that if you come across the right person, and then all of the bullshit melts away and there is complete honesty and no games and this pure, untouched sense that you are meant to be together. This seems like something people say to justify laziness when it comes to others and to connections in general. They say, I’ve had to work, she’s not right…or he frustrates me, must not be worth it. But isn’t this an incredibly narrow way to look at people as possibilities? Like anything else worth its salt, some amount of energy must be involved if we are to get involved in the first place. Again, a common trope, but one worth stating. I think that no matter how slight it is, there is always a period of nightwatching, evaluation, overcoming. I can’t blame anyone for slipping into something comfortable. It’s stopping to catch your breath, like fitting pegs into their correct holes. Seamless sounds nice. I just don’t expect it to be that easy for me. I expect to have to make sacrifices, and work around schedules, and make choices. Taking independent thought and moving towards a double-consciousness is probably never seamless."


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Dale said...

So, so true.

I've been neglectful, sorry. :)