Friday, April 18, 2008

don't look back no more

"you smoke your cigarettes down to the bone
and since you vowed to back it and you're too proud to sack it
you have to carry on, on your own
you think you had it under control
best foot forward, don't look back no more
break your heart and torment your soul

they sold my name after they stole my shame
sold my name ah yeah
tumbled my game, tumbled their game
tablet sized brains

you smoke your cigarettes down to the bone
best not to mention you're craving attention
love from fame like blood from a stone
too busy to notice that you'd throne
turn to dust, there's no one left to trust
last chance and your mind will go

suppose my name, suppose it came
and they sold my shame yeah...
suppose it came and i tumbled their game
tabloid spy brain

but is it really such a sin though?
it's one and the same "

this song has been mentioned to me about six times in the past week, and somehow i thought it was a familiar one to me. somehow it had passed me by, though i know i've heard it play on shotter's nation. i suppose it was one of those songs that i did not hear until i listened. sometimes i forget to admire the music, to take it in and be blown over by it. suppose sometimes i find myself to close to it, or too intimate with the songs. every so often i step back and listen, like now, and here i am - blown away.

p.s. one more day...

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