Sunday, June 22, 2008

watch out for those foreign girls

all you need is love: the final a mix

anything but love ~ the libertines

"watch out for those foreign girls,
mistake my plastic beads for pearls."

answering bell (live)
~ ryan adams and adam duritz

"all's i want is your fortress of tears to crumble,
and oh girl, i'd tear 'em down myself,
and oh girl, the story's they could tell,

but i'm just sayin' hi to your answering bell."

acting like a fool
~ matt costa

"you know i try,
and still i play the fool."

the air near my fingers
~ the white stripes

"don't you remember you told me in december that a boy is not a man until he makes a stand,
well i'm not a genius but maybe you'll remember this:
i never said i wanted to be a man."

~ css

"ah la la, ah la la,
gimme three wishes."

"close your eyes and see,
when there ain't no light,
all you'll ever be.
come and save the night,
coz i don't leave,
when the morning comes it doesn't,
seem to say an awful lot to me...
all alone."

advisory committee (shok remix) ~ mirah

"the mist came down the ground was wet,
i talked with you inside my head,
the way i have forgotten back,
quickly prepare it's an attack."

anarchy in the u.k. ~ the sex pistols

"how many ways to get what you want?"

all in my mind ~ love and rockets

"if you give me an hour,i'll show you how you feel."

age of consent ~ new order

"won't you please let me go?
these words lie inside they hurt me so."

ashes to ashes ~ david bowie

"i'm happy, hope youre happy, too."

~ sisters of mercy

"to promise her a definition,
tell her where the rain will fall,
tell her where the sun shines bright,
and tell her she can have it all."

"you can make a plan,
carve it into stone,
like a feather falling,
it is still unknown;
until the clock speaks up,
says it's time to go,
you could choose the high,
or the lower road.
you might clench your fist,
you might fork your tongue,
as you curse or praise,
all the things you've done.
and the faders move,
and the music dies,
as we pass over,
on the arc of time."

"half of the ring lies here with me,
but the other half’s at the bottom of the sea."

absolutely nothing
~ lily allen

"my heart is aching and i've never felt this bad,
i pinch myself to check that all of this is real.
keep thinking i'm not letting on, i feel this sad,
and then you've got the cheek to ask me how i feel."

airport taxi reception
~ sondre lerche

"i called you because i love you so."

all i want ~ the lightning seeds

"it makes me want to give you everything,
pick you up and take you home again,
hold you tight and think that now is then,
all i want to do,
all i want to do,
is make you listen from now on."

across the universe
~ the beatles

"words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup,
they slither while they pass across the universe."

"it's easy,
all you need is love."

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