Saturday, June 28, 2008


the girl with the artist's touch, the strong sense of self, emotional and so beautiful, my veronica turned six today. she shares her birthday with my best friend of 27 years, and is the only one of my children born outside of california. she is so different from me, from how i was at her age, and for that i am so grateful. she teaches me so many things. she shows me a way of seeing the world that i do not always see, keeps me in-touch with the way nature plays a part in the human condition, and is ever challenging me with her questions and queries on how the world works, and why.

these last few weeks i have noticed the changes that are transpiring in her, the leaps of maturity, the molding of self and personality that are forming. her love of classical and hip-hop music, her imagination, her creative expression, her sense of humor, and her interest in asian culture and memory/logic solving games. she is so bright and amazing to know, and i am quite lucky to know her.

happy sixth year in your life, princess froggy v-rock veronica. i love you.

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kate said...

I love sharing my b day with her. Such growth in her personality and how she relates... I love that little v-rock.
how she follows T so.... lovely.