Sunday, June 29, 2008

we got california drowning out the window side

"got no place to go,
but there's a girl waiting for me down in mexico.
she's got a bottle of tequila,
a bottle of gin,
and if i bring a little music i can fit right in."

there are wishes, and there are dreams, and there are songs that make things seem possible even when deep down you know they are probably never going to come to be. there are beaches and laughter, discarded straw hats and bare feet, and music; always music. it is a celebration, someone has just gotten married, and we have wandered off down the beach where there are less crowds, less camera flashes, less family that we do not even remember inviting. a circle of friends, so to speak, but we are more of a family then any we've been born into. the sun goes down and the music keeps playing.

i have had the same dream, with slight variations, for so many years that it has become as a bedtime story to my subconscious.

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