Monday, June 2, 2008

ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh

umbrella (rhianna cover) ~ manic street preachers

"you have my heart,
and we'll never be worlds apart.
may be in magazines,
but you'll still be my star.

baby, cause in the dark,
you can't see shiny cars,
ant that's when you need me there,
with you i'll always share.

when the sun shines,
we'll shine together.
told you i'll be here forever.
said i'll always be your friend,
took an oath,
i'll stick it out 'till the end.

now that it's raining more than ever,
know that we'll still have each other.
you can stand under my umbrella,
you can stand umder my umbrella."

day just slips by and my emotions are sinking, though i am trying to pull myself up by invisible strings and songs played up high. stumbled upon this cover and find it rather addictive. perhaps if i keep playing it, louder and louder, i'll feel better (or my ears will ring so much i will not care about anything else).

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