Thursday, June 26, 2008

she looked in his eyes to lose herself

"what do you feel
when you're with me?
i look in your eyes and see myself."

early this morning i was sitting at my desk at work with coffee in hand and my itunes loading up to start my day's random soundtrack. the office manager walked by and had this look on her face that i've seen so often lately on so many people i know: defeated and sad. i see this in the mirror when i look at myself, too. we spoke on this year, the hurt that seems to be everywhere we turn, and the overall mood it seems to paint on everything, and how we see ourselves in each other, and how we reflect back what we see. where does it start, and how do you change a feeling that has grown so heavy and hope-deficient that it feels as if we are all sinking into the depths of some dark sea.

is it love? is it hope? is it change? is it allowing someone else to actually see us, flaws and all, and trust that they will not let go? and how do we not lose ourselves in any of that? in the sorrow, and in the love?

just something i've been contemplating, and some lush (who i have re-fallen in love with this week), to go along with it.

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