Saturday, June 28, 2008

new music review: vanilla swingers

take a listen to the vanilla swingers

"if you fall for this,
you'll fall for anything."

danger in the past
& a live video

"souvenirs that you can feel,
won't give up what they reveal;
they never will."

the town

"the town was where we met,
but it could all have been so different."

remiscent of a wandering the city streets in the rain, a bit lost, three streets down from where you are meant to be. the pulse of your slightly nervous heart flows and pours out into the vibrations of each passing car, the rain drops drip dripping a back-up beat; everything is music. lost, yet not alone, as the accompanying voice chimes in, takes your hand, lets you share their battered yellow umbrella.

i am not good with comparisons when talking on music. i tend to take anything new in as just that - new. i am not keen on categorization and labels. but, if i had to choose the similar bucket to stream these songs - and their fantastic album vs into - it would be with bands such as belle and sebastian, azure ray, and stephen merritt's magnetic fields.

the album is said to be a story of love and alternate lives. described as a concept affair about two people who meet, run away together, go back in time, lose each other, and meet again in 2015.

as it feels, it is an album of songs to be lost and found within.

hear more here.

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muruch said...

What a coincedence! I was just looking for contact info for the band cos I downloaded & liked one of their mp3s from another blog last week. :)