Monday, June 16, 2008

do not make a sound

"and when the darkness comes,
i lie awake,
playing lost and found.
all at once,
i break the silence,
all at once."

pete yorn, one of those musicians that i sometimes forget about, and then a song comes on and i remember how much i love their music. i was living in michigan when i first heard him. i devoured his first album, falling for each and every song. i remember playing online pool with victoria, jamie and chelle, and talking about pete yorn. chelle and i kept listing the same favorite songs. after that he became one of our favorites, one of those shared connections you have with friends. music is a cord, winding and invisible, connecting the people i love, and have loved, in my life. and, i cherish the memories that songs stir up in me, and the way i see/feel/hear people in songs.

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iremonger said...

This is my favorite Pete Yorn song - sadly, it reminds me of my father.