Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cheers darlin'

all dressed up ~ damien rice

"prepare myself for a war
and i don't know what i'm doing this for
trying to let it all go
but how can i when you still don't know?

i could wait for you
like that hole in your boot
waiting to be fixed

i could wait for you
what good would that do
but to leave me bruised?"

this is one of those soaring, soul-swelling, tears go pouring out of you kind of songs. heavy on the dramatic, weighted in emotion, and the kind of thing that feels like the sweetest kind of knife in your gut.

i cannot stop listening to it, i just cannot stop.

julia and i talked on this sort of thing recently. playing each other some of our favorites, the kind of songs that give you chills everywhere. she has a love for the dramatic lift and swell in a song, and i the lover of lyrical refrain, the kind that feel so personal, even if you know nothing of the person singing, or the story within.

despite the connection, the songs connects, and becomes a part of you. this is today's, for me.


Anonymous said...

music... tis good yeah.

Kate said...

sorry that was me