Thursday, December 6, 2007

guilty pleasure christmas song...

you know you have one, too.
what is it?

my senior year. december. my mom and i took a trip to hawaii, the one and only trip we ever took together, as in just the two of us. she still makes fun of me from that trip, how i was always dodging the sun, ever trying to protect my pale gothy glow.

i know she really enjoyed the trip or she would not keep teasing me about it; trust me, that’s how my family is.

we rented this piece of crap car that was rusting from the bottom up. it was the only thing we could afford. and, because of the sight of it, all the locals thought we were local, too. one morning we woke up and decided we would try to drive all the way around the island of oahu. of course, they don’t let you go all the way round, but we did get pretty far.

we drove through this particular piece of road that looked out over the ocean, and this song came on. we both sang our hearts out, and for whatever silly reason, it is the one thing i most vividly remember of that trip. me and my mom singing at the top of our lungs to george michael and andrew ridgeley.

last christmas ~ wham!


Kate said...

that's cause your mom wanted to DO George Michael.

Did we not have to hear on that for couple of years.. white speedos, oh my how blind is one there?

That's the cutest memory though, and always liked your mom and her musical taste. Not so much the repeat of the single over and again once she got it, and esp the nights when our moms would go out.

At least when we got ready to go out we listend to more than one song.

lucy said...

she would never ever believe he was gay. ever. until it finally was public and then she acknowledged it. she was truly blind when it came to him. lol.

and god, her repetition with a song!!! she would buy a cassette single and play it over and over and over until i wanted to unspool it. the one i remember the most was a gloria estefan one; and yeah, when your mom and mine would get ready to go out.

we at least had a change of album, and all those mix tapes!