Tuesday, December 11, 2007

let’s go chasing dragons through the snow

i tend to hold most of musical nostalgia for the 80’s, which i suppose is typical. i think we all veer toward the music of our adolescence when looking back and reflecting in a musical way. so much of that angst and emotion in being a teenager is so fulfilled, comforted and elevated in music.

but, today i am remembering how much the music of the 90’s means to me. a different chapter in my life, and sometimes i think it was heavier in emotion, angst, mistakes and growing. we do a lot of falling, literally and figuratively, in our twenties. at least i know i skinned more than my knees, and unraveled more than just sweaters.

“and i don’t know who you are
but i know what i would like you to be
a one-night stand under stoned persuasion
but a joy that i can’t hide
gently take my skull for a ride.”

skull ~ sebadoh


BeachBum said...

Completely agree. 90s music was much more personal - both for the musicians and listeners. There seemed to be some shift from innane (like 'Sunglasses at Night') to autobiographical (like 'Father of Mine' by Everclear) that made the music more resonant.

That said, today's music is some of the best ever. Diverse, fun and complex.

Love that you quoted Sebadoh! They're from my neck of the woods.

lucy said...

i think you make a fine point with the shift from nonsensical to personal, though i'd never quite considered that change. i think i felt, looking back, that i'd taken it all more personally because of the age; but, i know songs like 'father of mine' or something like 'silence all these years' (tori amos) or 'luka' (suzanne vega), or really the list could go on and on, reflected a deeper look into life and lives.

i love sebadoh and lou barlow quite a lot.

and yeah, today's music - much of it, at least - is awe-inspiring.