Monday, December 17, 2007

why do i find it hard to write the next line

this one is more high school dance than the last. the first one i ever went to, walking down the steps to get inside. true was the first song i heard, and all i could think of was samantha watching jake dance with his girlfriend (and that image of her crying in the hallway).

i remember vividly the boy i had a crush on. he was there with friends, short brown curly hair, white shirt with a skinny tie, docs under his long suit-style pants. he was a senior, and beautiful, and hardly knew i existed (though we did share a dance later in the year). as this song played i looked for him in the crowd, saw him dancing with a varsity cheerleader, and a little piece of my heart broke.

this memory is so stereotypical of high school i am actually cringing. do we ever really forget what it felt like to be an adolescent?

true ~ spandau ballet

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Dale said...

Right before we forget what it's like to be adolescents, our kids become adolescents and remind us all over again. Usually by going through the same hurts, tearing open old wounds.