Saturday, December 8, 2007

the pictures changing every moment

keep art alive; art by kelly vivanco

as a young girl i used to see my future as this vibrant, colorful, ever-changing gypsy-adventure. i did not expect to stay in one place for very long. i knew there would be music, dreams, my best friend at my side (or somewhat close by), and i would be writing something. back then i thought it to be plays or movies, ones that we would act in together, all my friends and pets and boys i had crushes on. this was before my dreams of being in a girl group, or my older goals of teaching and writing novels. i saw tomorrow made of the stuff of possibilities, of the unknown, and of a sky full of stars that would sometimes rain down and turn into the sea. maybe we would catch them, those falling sparkly things, and we would leave our wishes on them. we would use their glow to paint with, to write with, to sing with; and we would leave behind a legacy of lyrics and magic.

sometimes, when i squint my eyes just right, i realize that i was not so off with my visions. sometimes i realize most of my life is all of that, and more.

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Tom said...

I think we all have those moments. Well, at least those of us who gave a hoot about that possible future (because there were others who couldn't see beyond next Friday).

You play "Sliding Doors" sometimes, I suppose (yeah, I know, bad reference)--going back to one moment in the past, changing your actions, and extrapolating. It always ends the same, though: you're happy with where you are because of who you're with.

I remember being young and well, arrogant and how it felt to miss things. Somehow, I feel wiser now. You know, when I don't feel like an idiot. ;)