Monday, December 17, 2007

i'll light a candle for you

rickie vasquez and jordan catalano ~ my so-called life


iremonger said...

Love it! We're trying to draw out the pleasure of the new box set and have just gotten through 2 discs so far, but each episode is so amazing and far beyond anything else we watch. Anyway, it's a very rewarding experience, perhaps even moreso this time around. Thanks for posting.

muruch said...

Aw, we just watched an episode of MSCL last night. :)

lucy said...

hoping to get the boxed set sometime next year, as i'm already excited about it. i have never watched the episodes in order, any quite a few of the episodes i had were on poor quality vhs tapes.

just catching small clips of the show, like this one, reminds me of how much i still love the show, how well-written and amazing it was, and how much i wish we had gotten at least one more season.

also, huzzah! i heard from both of you in one post :)