Thursday, December 20, 2007

whoah! boy, that was one big, ugly bear!

"i unpacked "frustrating" first.
reached in and found the word "worst."
then i picked "soggy" and
next i picked "foggy" and
then i was ready to tell them my tale,
'cause i'd unpacked my adjectives.

adjectives are words you use to really describe things,
handy words to carry around.
days are sunny or they're rainy
boys are dumb or else they're brainy
adjectives can show you which way."

it is an odd feeling to stumble into something that someone has written about you, and to really see how skewed people's perspectives can be, and how nasty people can be that once said they loved you. it is taking all my composure to not unpack my adjectives and tell him what i really think of his dismissal of our entire relationship of being nothing but sex. i thought i could look back on that relationship as something that just did not work out, but to see him as someone kind. thanks for making me feel like nothing better than a whore, or as some bridge to something better. i really did not need this today, at all.

unpack your adjectives ~ daniel johnston

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