Friday, December 14, 2007

you don't deserve to be lonely

i have a soft spot for the broken souls in this world, which is probably a reflection of my own somewhat tattered self. when i was nineteen a good friend of mine said that if she put me in a room with hundreds of people i would immediately be drawn to the one with the most pain; perhaps she was right. but, in all honesty, we all have scars, we all have stories, we all have scattered and shattered pieces inside. i suppose i like to believe in hope, in redemption, in the part of all of us that rise above what hurts within us. and, that hope, i think it is so beautiful. i wish that elliott smith had stuck around long enough to find his moment of begin again.


Dale said...

My wife had a similar gift; when we moved into a new area, she would be inexorably drawn to the people with the most checkered pasts.

And yes, that hope you describe is the most beautiful thing ever.

BTW, I've been streaming Figure 8, and I get it. Now to find XO...

lucy said...

that gift, that i think i've always had, is part of what makes me feel i am in the wrong profession. my aspirations to teach, i think some of my hope, compassion and understanding would have been something well-fit for teaching (and most often wasted in advertising).

and i'm really glad you are getting it with elliott. i think i still am going to make you a my best of mix, though.