Thursday, December 13, 2007

you're gonna give it all a try

does anyone actually say a penny for your thoughts anymore? do we stop and take the time to ask how each other are thinking, do we ask much of anything anymore? sometimes i think the advances in technology and communication has actually made us less communicative, at least to each other. sure, we all have spaces to call our own, and to share ourselves in, but have we lost a sense of connection and community in the process?

not that i'm any better at this then anyone else, and it is rather ironic for me to be posting in my personal blog about whether or not we are too caught up in our personal things to truly communicate, but it was something that has been on my mind lately.

if you asked me for my thoughts today i would say that i'm ready for some change. not the big changes i've been known to take in the past. i am not packing up my car and moving across the country, i am not uprooting myself in any way actually, nor am i leaving or starting a relationship. a matter of fact, i really want to hold my family and relationship closer in the days to come. i think the kind of change i am considering is more local, more personal, more connection focused.

i would like to get to know the world better. i would like to know my friends and family better. i would like to know the artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors - the people who fill my world with color and beauty and awe and inspiration - better. i am thinking that as i connect more to the life i live, the people i love and admire, and to the things i find so keen, i will get to know myself better in all of it; or, at least that is my hope. i think sometimes if we open our arms, minds and hearts to the world we live in we get more of ourselves back.

so, there will be some changes around here, some projects i've been formulating, and hopefully some things that inspire others to respond, share, write, connect.

and, of course, there will be a whole lot of music.


Dale said...

I'm very excited to read what you've got up your sleeve. :)

lucy said...

thanks. i'm getting pretty excited for some of the things i'm thinking of doing.