Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i'm in love with how you feel

there are more than a million things i loved about juno, seriously there are; these are two of them:

michael cera and ellen page singing anyone else but you

and the fact that the writer of juno, diablo cody, wrote this in her blog:

"to answer an increasingly common and much-welcomed question, yes-- the reference to "tino" in juno is absolutely a mscl shout-out."

the second i heard "tino" i thought of the show, but am pretty much doing a silly dance of glee over the fact that it was a reference.


redhairedgirl said...

I am *dying* to see this movie, and the Tino reference makes me want to see it even more now!!!

lucy said...

i loved it so much; easily in my top ten films of all-time.

& the mscl/tino reference; how could i not love it?

Trysha said...

I really want to see this movie. When I see tino, I think of EMT-Dad, his name is Tino, short of Augustine. Now I'll definately have to see the movie and get the reference.

Dale said...

I can't wait for this movie to make an appearance here. Never mind that the local Googol-plex has room for four screens devited to "Fred Claus" ... no, I'm NOT bitter!

Dale said...

That will learn me to check showtimes first, it's playing in a theater across town. Huzzah!

lucy said...

dale: i think you will love the movie so much; i know i did.

trysha: *waves hell*. the reference in the film is subtle, but is a shout out from the writer to the shortlived my so-called life, which is quite possibly my all-time favorite show.