Friday, December 7, 2007

little by little you're gonna hear me cry

keep art alive; art by julie hill

"i wanna build
buildings high for you
but the costs
like other costs
i can't afford you
i always take the wrong way
this is why this love can stay

and i want to change
change the way we always have
and to make different plans
and try not to make this sad
but i always screw it up some way
this is why this love can stay."


BeachBum said...

Love the Shout Out Louds. Thanks for commenting on my TV entry. Never would have found this otherwise.

Keep up the great work. Will be visiting often.

Oh, and your Mom sounds cool.

lucy said...

my mother is my mother; and we have memories that are good, and some not so much. at the age i'm at now, with children of my own, i suppose it is easier to gain a more balanced perspective to all of it.

as for the shout out louds, i love them, as well. one of my favorite albums of the year (which reminds me, i need to post my lists soon).

i stumbled upon your blog this week and am enjoying it.