Monday, December 31, 2007

did you see the stylish kids in the riot?

somehow this seems appropriate for new year's eve. something about the sentiment of it all, a time for heroes, and a feeling of the passage of time. this song is an ode to friendship and connections, and to the trappings of youth, all interwoven with literary and otherworldly references. it is more than what is on the surface, and i am pretty sure that is part of what i found so appealing about the libertines when i first stumbled upon them.

there have been two bands that i would say changed my life. bands that had that enormous impact on me that i could not shake, ignore, or forget. for christmas david bought me the best of the libertines. and, though i know the band did not choose the songs selected, and even though i know there are ones i wish were among the wreckage, i still sort of love it.

once upon a time they were magic, and i'm ever grateful for the music; thanks, boys.

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