Monday, September 22, 2008

are we human or are we dancers?

"pay my respects to grace and virtue,
send my condolences to good.
give my regards to soul and romance,
they always did the best they could.

and so long to devotion,
you taught me everything i know.

wave goodbye,
wish me well,
you've got to let me go.

a friend sent this to me because it reminded him of the first part of a story i posted last night. i can see the correlation and connection; it may very well become part of the soundtrack i play while continuing to write. i always have something playing in the background; always.

ever since i read about the upcoming album from the killers i was curious how it would sound. i wondered if it would veer more closely to sam's town, or if would be a return to their earlier sound. in playing this, and listening, i hear the evolution of both incarnation (though to me, sam's town is more present).

i like it, this song, very much actually. it speaks to me on a very personal level right now, much more even than the story i'm attempting to pen.

i cannot wait for this album to be released.

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Peter N said...

Lucy...heard the song for the first time today and it reminded me that The killers and in particular Brandon are special and rare. Looking forward to the new album as well.