Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i was gonna reach across the ocean & force you to look


forgotten saturdays
lemonade stand driveways
sidewalk chalk bubblegum flavored
never ways

she tangles daisy chains and grass stains
late night coin operated washing machine

she asks the mislead father time
why has the moon gone bad

bounce the ball
pick up the jacks
one by two by three by four
finding answers in the skinned knee boy

kissed chapped lips like love
rose bush scratch scars
happy endings

she wonders where he left the remnants of a daughter
hair curls and five snaps down the backside
osh kosh
sears clearance sale

tear stains wisp of a promise
blown out candlelight birthday cake
shut your eyes
one by two by twelve by fourteen

she grows and grows
he never knows

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Anonymous said...

i love it