Wednesday, September 24, 2008

an autumn mix

the name of it is "autumn"
the hue of it is blood
an artery upon the hill
a vein along the road

great globules in the alleys
and oh, the shower of stain
when winds upset the basin
and spill the scarlet rain

it spinkles bonnets far below
it gathers ruddy pools
then eddies like a rose
away upon vermilion wheels

the name of it is autumn ~ emily dickinson

it's the time of the season: when the love runs high: an autumn mix for amber

*note: in another online community/space i am doing a theme mix project that i would like to share here, as well. if you would like to give me a "theme" of any kind, i will make a mix for you, and post it here. comment with a theme, or email at

1 comment:

Peter N said...

Loved this mix. I got some excellent samples from the mix. I just put my seven degrees mix together along a similar theme.