Thursday, September 4, 2008

nice to be nervous

getting led ~ adam green

"a man fills his quotient,
it changed his notions,
now you see of glimpse of liberty.

but fame could be garish,
it ends his marriage,
to all that you could want for him to be.

we leave tomorrow,
just human cargo;
getting led,
getting led,
getting led."

adam green has been singing to me all morning, even when my music wasn't playing. you ever have that happen? wake up with a singer in the back of your mind, singing songs to you that will invariably get stuck in your thoughts and insert themselves into conversations, and the words you choose to express yourself?

i am remembering kate and i seeing him play at the troubador. how unassuming and shy he seemed when we spoke to him, and how different he was on-stage - energetic, goofy, powerful. there is so much soul in his voice, a depth that hints at an age far beyond his numbers. plus, the silliness, the absurd, the random - i have such a weakness for that.

so, i suppose he isn't too bad to have in a back of my head gig for the day.

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