Tuesday, September 16, 2008

you should have stayed at home yesterday

enola gay (live) ~ omd

"aha this kiss you give,
it’s never ever gonna fade away."

i remember a particular night, sometime in the summer of 1988, sitting in the backseat of a friend's car with this song blaring out of the speakers. the beach was just outside the window, though it was almost too dark to see the water. i could smell the salt water though, as it swirled around my blowing hair, all the windows down as we drove into the night.

i don't recall where we were going, or much of the night's activities. I know that the company I was keeping were more acquaintances than friends, girls I worked with at my first retail job (a small clothing store tucked into the corner of what used to be The City Mall). We did not exchange many words between us, and I was grateful for the music as I was still fraught with the limitations of shyness back then.

music has always been saving me, in big and little ways.

anyhow, for whatever reason, and despite the forgettable nature of most of that evening, anytime OMD plays I'm reminded of that night. I have other memories attached to other songs of theirs, but this is the one that sticks.

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