Friday, September 12, 2008

& its high speed

7/4 shoreline ~ broken social scene

"while you're walking away,
i will try to get through,but you've gotta know the lies,
from the lies they told you.
if you try to do it all,
it all will leave you,
if you try to steal the beat,
the beat will steal you."

movement, this song has such a feeling of movement to it. i turn it up often when i'm driving, the song builds on itself, becoming stronger, almost becoming a surge. then the chorus seeps in, breathy vocals, on the cusp of building back up again. it reminds me of desire, of passion, and of the spun out feeling you get when there is energy and electricity between two people.

it also reminds me of drives up the coast, the windows rolled down all the way, the smell of the ocean and the waves wisping through my hair, through the interior of the car, and through my thoughts. i miss when i used to do that, just get in the car and drive beside the water. it used to be such a part of my existance, the source of release and relief of just about anything. a part of me will always be very in love with being near the shore.

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