Monday, September 8, 2008

color of my dream

i'll be your lover, too ~ van morrison
i'll be your lover, too (live, video) ~ robert pattinson
i'll be your lover, too (live) ~ robert pattinson

"you'll be my queen,
i'll be you king,
and i'll be your lover, too."

jules has reminded me of how much i love van morrison's voice, and songs, especially this one. It had been years since i'd heard i'll be your lover, too, and i think i'd forgotten what the song sounded like, and meant to me. it reminds me of good spots of my childhood, of wild daisies, late june summer evenings that felt as if they would stretch out forever, and bursts of laughter.

years later this song this strummed out on a beat up acoustic guitar, and how i immediately felt like that little girl again. how it brought those memories rushing back to me, flushing my skin and catching my breath, the way music has always done to me. there are few things i remember, and smile at, from my childhood - and this song is attached to some of those rare moments.

the only video of the original i could find was a fan-video for charlie/claire, from lost. it works, though, as i always did love the friendship grown into love relationship they developed, and shared.

i've included robert pattinson's cover of the song because despite the fact that it is a bit rough it has that depth of emotion that the original has, yet takes it somewhere else - it feels a bit darker, more emotional, vulnerable.

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