Sunday, September 21, 2008

just because you can

jolene (cover) ~ the white stripes
jolene (live, video) ~ dolly parton

two other covers of jolene sent by two keen friends (thank you, bianca & imaginary_lines)

jolene ~ mindy smith
jolene ~ queenadreena

"he talks about you in his sleep,
and there's nothing i can do to keep from crying,
when he calls your name."

growing up i spent quite a lot of time with my grandparents, especially during the summer months. my aunt lived with them, and i remember spending hours in her room playing her 8-track tapes, one of her prize possessions. she was a big fan of country music, most especially the female singers, her favorites being loretta lynn, patsy cline, and dolly parton. during one summer in particular, when i was about six or seven years old, i made a list of my own best of's out of her collection. the songs were all about infidelity, which at the time i did not understand. i think it was more about the strength and conviction in the women singing, the fighting back for something they wanted, that i was attracted to.

of course, as i grew up i would have argued that all that strength and conviction that i admired so much as a young girl could have been better utilized fighting for something more than a cheating partner. that said, i do think that those women had some kind of infectious fire to them that made those songs live on somewhere in the back of my mind.

i love the white stripes take on jolene. It is more desperate than dolly's original, and the fire that burns in this one is that unmistakeable sound of breaking hearts and begging to not lose someone you know is leaving despite the pleas. the last line, please don't take him, even though you can almost feels like a final defeat, especially in the abrupt way that the song is just over.


Anonymous said...

ooooph .. serious goose bumps for the white stripes cover ...
thank you .

*** .. a

lucy said...

anytime. i love their version, too. so much.


bree. said...

I have another version of this at home. If I remember, I'll upload it for you later on today. :)

lucy said...

i'd love to hear the version you have, bree.

huzzah to that.