Monday, September 29, 2008

but here comes the fall

pioneer of the falls (video) ~ interpol
pioneer of the falls ~ interpol

"show me the dirt pile
and i will pray that the soul can take
three stowaways

and you vanish with no guile
and i will not pay
but the soul can wait
i felt you so much today

oh no, you try
you fly straight into my heart
you fly straight into my heart girl,
i know you try"

this song feels like midnight in a strange city. strangers pass and you tell yourself stories so that any lingering fear will not cling. you tell yourself stories of past loves and past lives, and the things that still attach to your soul.

the sound of heels, yet to be well-worn, click click clacking on the pavement. the whoosh of tires peeling by, and you shrink to one side without blinking, the image of faces on the other side of hazy glass barely making an impression.

what stories do the strangers make up about you? the red dress borrowed from a girlfriend who wore it when she decided to give him another chance. the hair, she seems nervous as she messes with it, trying to twist it up into a clip, then letting it fall only moments later.

which becomes the truth, the stories or the night's truths. do we all exist somewhere between the in-betweens of consciousness and make-believe? this song makes me want take to the concrete, embracing the unknown, writing about it all in the context of a postcard, a matchbook, a love letter. this song, it reminds me of you.

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