Tuesday, January 8, 2008

im not a nymphomaniac. im a compulsive liar.

"when you grow up, your heart dies." ~ allison reynolds
"so, who cares?" ~ john bender
"i care." ~ allison reynolds

the breakfast club

a vivid memory i carry with me from my high school years is the saturday afternoon when a group of my closest school friends and i went to see the breakfast club. i remember sitting in the theatre in awe, blown over by how accurately it felt, and how much this film really got what it felt like being us.

molly ringwald and i are the same age, so in some ways i feel like we grew up together: she in her john hughes and the rave ups world, and me in my lutheran high school and duran duran one. i often related to molly's characters (especially andie, in pretty in pink), though in this film it was brian (anthony michael hall) and allison (ally sheedy) that i connected with the most. i think i always felt torn between being the good girl/student geek and the weirdo, and i suppose back then it hurt some to feel that kind of label over me. and yet, growing up i think i have embraced those parts of me and made them my own.

and, as most of us know, when you leave adolesence the whole world becomes like saturday detention. there are less boundaries, and we get to cross lines; or, at least i know i did.
which one were you?

the breakfast club


Dale said...

I guess I'd have been Andy Clark, but with a healthy dose of Brian. Maybe U need to sit and watch it again, to be sure.

lucy said...

if you were andy, and i was allison, then see...we would have gotten along in high school; especially since we both related a bit to brian, too.

*favorite classmates*

redhairedgirl said...

I felt most like Brian and Allison as well.

You have aged better than Molly Ringwald has :)