Tuesday, January 1, 2008

looking on she sings the songs

"i have to go home." ~ william miller
"you are home." ~ penny lane

if i could live in a film for a few days this would be the one. i never grow tired of watching this film. ever. a part of the film, most likely the scene above, is always with me.

i think my mom was a bit like penny lane before i was born. every so often she lets stories slip out, and i see a side of her that few recognize. but, i remember how i saw her when i was a little girl; long hair, flowy dresses, stereo always playing, and that faraway look in her eyes. i think sometimes we see more clearly the truths inside of people when we are small; our eyes less blurred by disappointment, loss and desires.

this scene, the thing i love most about it, is how it is the music that heals the tension between everyone; and how, if only for the six minutes and twelve seconds it takes for tiny dancer to play, everyone forgives and everyone is connected. and doris the tour bus keeps rolling along down the road.

there is more i could say about the story. how there are so many layers, and perspectives, at play here. you could take it as a coming-of-age story about william miller, based loosely on cameron crowe's own coming-of-age, and how william took his first stab at being a rock reporter. you could watch it all from penny's point of view, another coming-of-age story, and how she learns to let go of love from others, finally taking that trip with herself; the eventual peeling back of the muse who is a living and breathing girl inside of the inspiration and song lyrics. or, you could take it all as a rock and roll tale, yet another kind of coming-of-age, and how the music can get lost along the way of egos, record labels, rolling stone, friendship, sex, drugs, fans, and love.

365 love: almost famous


Kate said...

i wanna be a real girl

Kate said...

scratch that most of the time being a girly is a pain in the ass, Im coming to learn.
Yet the alternative gives me the shivers.

lucy said...

you always are a real girl to me. and, for the record, a real girl does not have to equate to a "girly girl".

just be you in a non-matchy matchy twinkle light sort of way.

Kate said...

well Im definitely non matchy-matchy, such technicial words I come up with. Kinda like HINKY~~~

awww I loved the lights!!!! The silliest things make me giddy with delight.

Yeah I know a real girl doesn't = girly. I like being me. But real girl in the way you put it and with thefilm.. yeah it hit a bit.

lucy said...

i still cannot believe it was in the dictionary *and* you were using it in context.

i'm sorry my post, the way i wrote about penny, hit a nerve with you. i did not mean it to. that said, i think all muses need to be seen as real girls, too...you know?

Kate said...

no not a bad hit... but a YEAH YEAH YEAH... and so there type a thing.

I like that movie alot too and she is all those things they see in her. But those parts made her real. More real than most.

Suppose I look at it a bit differently.

lucy said...

penny was all those things, definitely; and some of the stuff they didn't see, too.

Kate said...

yes definitely.