Tuesday, January 8, 2008

mix theme: eyes

keep art alive; art by briggso

this weeks theme: eyes

the trick is to make it your own; to take the theme and craft it into some kind of musical landscape that paints the picture for you.

if you would like to play along here are the guidelines (i do not like the word rules):

* mixes due on a friday

* feel free to post your finished results in your own space, in comments, contact me if you would like me to post it here, or just keep it for your own music drunk enjoyment.


Dale said...

Submitted for your approval.

lucy said...

i love it!

especially indigo eyes...a musical swoon goes out to that one.

i'll post it on friday, if you don't mind.

Dale said...

That would be fine, of course. But really, you HAD to know that song would pop up.

lucy said...

of course, but that doesnt mean i dont love the song.