Sunday, January 6, 2008

my favorite things

from left to right: five favorite things

veronica (age 5): purple, unicorns, tea parties, cinderella and school
julia (age 15): goldfrapp, chai tea latte, vogue magazine, project runway and graffitti art
max (age 3): thomas the train, cars, marshmallows, the park and target


Heather said...

that's funny that one of max's favorite things is target: i was at the eye doctor today waiting in the lobby and from the moment this little (five year old?) boy asked his mom when they could go to target, the nurse (what are the assistants at the optometrists called?) began repeating "in a minute you get to go to TAR-get!", "what a lucky boy - you get to go to TAR-get!", etc etc.

but in all seriousness, target is pretty awesome.

lucy said...

max is quite enamored with target. if he sees the sign from off the freeway, or someone carrying a bag with the symbol, he gets excited and starts asking if we can go to target. this may have something to do with his love of collecting thomas trains, and that target is usually where we get them. but, he has other favorite areas in the store, too.