Monday, January 7, 2008

what if im a mermaid?

"years go by will i still be waiting,
for somebody else to understand?
years go by, if i'm stripped of my beauty,
and the orange clouds raining in my head.

years go by, will i choke on my tears,
till finally there is nothing left?
one more casualty,
you know we're to easy easy easy."

everytime i think perhaps i have outgrown her, i hear a song like this again and i realize how much it still resonates, and how much it says about who i have been in my life, and who i still am now.

little earthquakes came out at a time in my life when i needed it more than breathing. tori's songs gave lyrical language to years of things i had no words for, and she still can bring out the insides of me, helping unearth the parts that stick beneath my skin, like glue and torn paper.

365 loves: tori amos

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