Saturday, January 5, 2008

write this down. e.m.e.t.i.b. got it? now, reverse it.

"you wrote a lot." ~ vaughn
"i know." ~ sydney
"i mean, it's, like, tolstoy long." ~ vaughn

alias began when we were living in michigan, before the little ones were born. i remember julia and i squeezing onto her single bed to watch it together; both of us loving it immediately. i was drawn in to the juxtaposition of sydney's college and friends reality, and her super spy alter ego. i was especially moved by the portrayel of a girl trying so desperately to lead two very separated lives, and cross over the two for love.

there was so much that went on in the pilot itself. the complicated relationships between best friends, lovers, an estranged father and daughter, co-workers, and self are weaved into an action-packed thrill ride in a way that it seems j.j. abrams shines at.

i am ever a sucker for a strong female lead, and sydney was just that. plus, i think i always envied all the keen costumes sydney would wear. every so often the ex-goth/ex-drama student still longs for the flair and fantastic that hair dye, dark make-up and unique clothing does for a girl.

i lost track of the show towards the end of its run. one of these days i just might do a start from the beginning run of it and finally see just how it ended.



Tom said...

I rented Season 5 a few months ago. It was better than I'd thought it would be. The finale was worth watching, too.

BeachBum said...

I was addicted to this, too, until they killed off Sydney's best friend and replaced her with an evil twin. Couldn't do it, after that. Just couldn't.