Sunday, January 6, 2008

23 seconds, in you i see a chance

"your crazy heart, my crazy love, repent now.
how many times?
as long as you wish.
how many times?
the world will go around.
how many times?
as long as you want.
how many times?
the world will go around."

23 is my favorite number. it is the day i was born, the day i was married, and the number of my locker my senior year of high school (my favorite high school year). i have a strange relationship with numbers, one i have had since i was a small child. on one hand, math has always been a struggle for me, facts and steps of mathematical equations (even the easy ones) seem to slide out of my head as if trying to run on sheets of ice; nothing ever sticks or stays steady. that said, on the other hand, i am attached to patterns and sequential organization, and i tend to count things when i am nervous, or stressed. and music, music is numbers, counts and beats and progressions., and math. the world spinning around, the blood pumping through our veins, the way we breathe; we are forever surrounded by numbers.

what is your favorite?


Rebecca said...

7 because there are 7 letters in my name and 7 diamonds in my engagement and wedding rings.

Dale said...

16, because Morgan and Josh's birthdays are both on that date, and because it's the day after payday so I almost always have money in the bank.