Thursday, January 3, 2008

she sounds sad

"open your eyes." ~ claude

co-written by two sisters, alex and sylvia sitchel, all over me is a coming-of-age and coming out story. alex was received a grant from the princess grace foundation to make a film about the riot grrrl music scene. the soundtrack included a wide array of female musicians, such as ani difranco, babes in toyland, sleater-kinney, the amps, drugstore and the murmurs. the film also featured leisha hailey, co-singer from the murmurs, as claude's love interest.

for me, the film transcended both the coming-of-age and lesbian-film genres, and was more a film about self-esteem, dysfunctional friendships, love, and the struggle we all go through (not just in adolescence) to find ourselves, and accept what we find.

the clip i wanted to share is not able to share, but if you get a chance check it out: here.

all over me

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